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Surety Executive Search was founded by Mike Waldron after spending years working with a nationally recognized recruiting firm.  As a boutique search firm dedicated to the relatively small but very profitable surety segment of the property and casualty insurance industry, we have formed close and very personal relationships with our clients and candidates through our comprehensive understanding of the small community that we recruit in. We're not just executive recruiters, we're industry insiders. 

Our firm knows our markets, we know the key players, and the history that has shaped what it is today.   Over the period of many years we have helped our clients, large and small, grow through the hiring of key personnel at all levels. The surety industry has changed a great deal over the years, through mergers and acquisitions, departures from the industry, and the re-emergence of new and impactful players. We've seen the effect that the economy and questionable decision-making has had on our industry and we know the value of top industry talent and its importance to your organization.   

Surety Executive Search Consultants is here for both our clients and our candidates. We save our clients time and money because we understand what they're looking for. We streamline the hiring process by only providing a select few candidates that are uniquely suited to excel in your areas of need. The industry is a small one and we respect the discretion necessary to assist both our clients and our candidates. Qualified talent is at a premium and Surety Executive Search Consultants can be your partner.

Career Seekers

Outstanding Opportunities

Surety Executive Search has close relationships with our clients, large national carriers and brokers to regional sureties and agencies.  We fill priority positions  for our client companies and they represent a very large cross section of the industry.  

Surety Executive Search maintains close relationships with our clients, in most cases we work on the positions that are not posted.  We don’t peruse the job boards and resume factories, we enjoy talking to our candidates about their career goals, whether they are immediate or distant, we want to be partners in your career advancement.  We know there are “pushy” recruiters out there and we don’t do business that way.  There is absolutely no use in forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Available Positions

Our open positions change constantly and range from Home Office positions at the Sr VP level to Sr. Underwriter and field positions from Regional Vice President Branch Manager to Associate Underwriter. We also work with top national brokers and regional agencies to locate top Producers, Managers & Account Executives.

Discretion and Confidentiality

We pride ourselves on nearly 20 years of experience in recruiting within our niche industry.   Surety Executive Search realizes the absolute need for confidentiality and will never sacrifice your need to keep your search discreet.  While it's unfortunate that some search firms will pass your resume without your knowledge, we will never share your information without your consent. 


Knowledgeable & efficient targeting of qualified Surety industry talent

With nearly 20 years of experience recruiting within the Surety niche, we know the history of our industry, the market cycles, and where to find your next elite employees.  

Passive Talent

Surety Executive Search maintains an extensive database of qualified, passive candidates waiting patiently for the next opportunity to make their move.  These candidates are not actively perusing job boards or working outside of the industry.  We bring only the candidates that you want to the table.  We don’t post jobs to every job board under the sun and we don’t bring unqualified candidates to the table.  We’re not in the business of wasting your time or ours.

Give us a try and land your next impactful hire

We pride ourselves on placing elite talent with our clients, from the largest carriers and brokers, to regional carriers and agencies.  We’ve been an integral staffing partner for our clients, helping them to secure “C” Suite talent or Regional Executives able to move business and staff.  Surety Executive Search has also been extremely successful in the staffing of many of the more recent entrants to the Surety industry.  Call us and give us a try, you’ll be happy you did.  There’s no cost to you if we don’t place the talent that you’re after.


Contact our search firm to find out about new Surety positions and opportunities for advancement or talented, passive candidates waiting for their next outstanding opportunity.

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