What we do

IDENTIFYING AND RECRUITING PROVEN LEADERS FOR OUR CLIENTS  We work aggressively for our clients coast to coast, to identify, screen, and place the best of the best in the surety industry. We appreciate the unique needs of your organization and the often sensitive nature of the search.   From the largest National Insurance Carriers, Reinsurors, and Brokers to Regional Companies, Start-up Sureties, and local Insurance Agencies, our firm has the relationships and the knowledge to save your company time and recruiting costs. More importantly, we have the understanding of our shared industry to provide your company with proven performers, impact players that will benefit your organization immediately and for years to come.  

 INFORMED AND DISCRETE CAREER PARTNER FOR OUR CANDIDATES  We know our industry is a small one and news travels fast. Security is paramount. Surety Executive Search Consultants understands this fact and works confidentially with our trusted candidates to define their professional goals and assist them with career moves.   From Practice Leaders and CUO's to Surety Underwriters and Account Executives, we understand where you want to be and where you're coming from. The relationships we've formed, and continue to form, are long standing. Very often our candidates become our clients. Whether your wish to explore new opportunities is immediate or in the future, we'll work together with you to define your goals, understand your options, and place you on the road to success.